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The following review was sent in by Whitney :  

    I went to the Milwaukee Hanson concert at the Riverside Theatre on October 9, 2000 with my friends Jackie, Kim, and Meghan.  Since we are from Illinois, when we got to Milwaukee, we weren't too familiar with the surroundings, so we roamed around the mall for a while.  It was pretty funny, because everywhere you looked, there was a group of Hanson fans.  When it was time to go to the concert, we walked to the theater.  I was so excited, because this was my first Hanson concert ever.  We stood inside the small lobby smooshed with a bunch of girls for about 1/2 and hour.  While we were waiting, this guy named Mario (which I'm sure many of you are familiar with, because he seems pretty popular around the Hanson scene) was singing songs and playing his guitar.     Around 6:00, my friends and I made our way up to the front of the crowd and waited for the doors to open.  As soon as the doors opened, we were inside.  (I was the first person in...I felt privileged hehe) We found the usher and he took our tickets and said "These are good seats!" Of course, we got really excited because we thought the tickets were really bad.  He lead us closer and closer to the stage until we were about 10 rows back and we asked "Are you SURE these are our seats?" They just seemed too good! He took our tickets and looked again and said "Oh, these are even better than I thought!"  Shocked at our luck, we followed him up some stairs to a balcony about 6 ft. above the stage.  There were 4 little seats right at the front of the balcony with our names on em.  An extremely good beginning to a great night.     At around 7:00, M2M came out on stage.  Their band members were cute! They sang a few songs including one of my faves, 'Don't Say You Love Me.' After a short break, Hanson came out.  They began 'You Never Know' and Ike walked to the side of the stage so that he was right underneath our balcony!! He was close enough for me to touch his head.  He smiled up at us and kept playing.  It was adorable!     After a few songs, they went backstage. When they came back, Zac walked straight across the stage and jumped up on the black box below our balcony and reached for our hands.  He was so close, it was like a dream.  As he was standing eye-level to us and practically giving me a heart attack, he smiled at me and I grabbed his hand.  As he pulled away and went back to the stage, I was in pure AWE.  During the next few songs, Zac and Taylor kept glancing up at our balcony.  Could be because we were dancing like CRAZY!!!  After Ike's solo song, Taylor and Zac came back on stage and Tay got up on the black box and we got to touch his hand too! (Let me tell you, he looked VERY nice all sweaty in hi wifebeater.)  As the show went on, every time Zac would look up at our balcony, we would wave to him and he smiled back.  Later, when they were introducing the other band members, Taylor came over right under me, looked me straight in the eye, and put his hand behind his ear to make us scream louder. (That's what we like to call "Whitney's (that's me)  Moment with Taylor Hanson." )     At the end of the concert after they sang 'Man From Milwaukee,' (I've never heard it sound better) Ike got up on the black box (man, I LOVE that black box) and we got to touch his hand too.  Then Zac came back over to the black box and I grabbed his hand again. By this point, the girls behind us got smart and ran up behind us and started pushing us.  Meanwhile, Meghan was holding onto Zac's other hand and holding him there so that Kim could take a picture of Zac up close.  Between the girls pushing and Zac pulling while he still had my hand, I almost flew right off the balcony.  He finally got free from Meghan's grip and  was about to go back to the stage, when Jackie screamed really loud and he looked back at her and grabbed her hand. Yes, she was very excited.  And THAT is what we like to call "Jackie's Moment with Zac Hanson."     We walked outside and noticed their tour buses sitting in the road.  We figured, hey, why not wait for them to come out? Somehow we got to the front of the crowd and about 15 minutes later, Ike, Tay, and Zac came walking out. They were, maybe, 2 feet in front of me.  It was pretty adorable, because even though he was getting trampled by a horse, Taylor still had his video camera going.     As we left to go back to Illinois, I realized what an AMAZING first Hanson concert experience this was for me.  I would give ANYTHING to be back there RIGHT NOW!!