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Brea's.Encounter.with.Hanson >>>

I have been best friends with this girl named Jenna for like 6 years, and one
day she asked me if i wanted to meet Hanson. Well, first off, WHO
WOULDN'T??!!!?? Ok so she told me she knew the name that they stay under, in
hotels and stuff. and that they were for sure staying over night in
Milwaukee. So of course i said yes. We found out 4 days before the show what
hotel they were at, and on the day before the concert, we got up super early,
and headed for downtown. When we got to the hotel there was only 2 other
people there in the lobby. One girl was a friend of ours, and the other, a
guy, named Mario. (I'm sure you know him) Then another girl showed up, and
gradually as 5 hours passed, about 7-10 people showed up. The hotel staff
said we had to leave the hotel, so we waited for another 2 hours in the 10
degree weather for Hanson to come out of their tour bus. There was also 2
other tour buses in front of the hotel, but we knew that Hanson's was red.
All the sudden we saw Ashley, their babysitter, come out of the bus with
Jessica and Avery. Mrs. Hanson followed. The whole time Zoe was sitting in
the window waving and making the cutest faces at us!  Ashley went in and out
of the bus a few times before, all the sudden, Isaac made his way out of the
bus with Mackenzie. He stopped and signed like 2 autographs and i took like 1
picture of him, but he said it was too cold and went in quickly. We then
waited for another hour or so, when out came Zac, with one hat on his head
and another on his backpack. Me and my friend gave him a Harley Davidson
T-Shirt at the Philly concert, so we pulled him aside and asked him if he had
gotten it, because we gave it to his mom. He said that he did get it, and
thank you, and as soon as people started asking for autographs, he kinda
yelled at us saying " go some where WARM!"
So I was like, ok so Zac is in a bad mood. Now, Taylor, being the kinda guy
he is, took the longest of the three. I swear to god we stood out there
waiting for 2 1/2 hours after Zac went in. When Taylor finally did leave the
bus, he came right up to me and I got 2 pictures with him, and my friend also
got a picture with him. I took like 16 pictures of him and like 2 of Isaac
and 5 of Zac. As you can see I like Taylor the best. Anyways, When he was out
of the bus, he stayed with us and talked to us for like 25 minutes about the
packer game and the weather and the concert that followed the next day. By
FAR Taylor was the most polite and nice of the three guys. Then Taylor went
inside the hotel, and we left. But as we were driving away, we saw Zac,
Mackenzie, and Avery walking on the street. We didn't want to stop, but we
just waved and drove past. The next day we went to the hotel also, but this
time it was very packed, so we didn't really get a chance to talk to them this
time. At the Venue we met them as they got off the bus, and got pictures
then. In Philly my friend went out to eat with Scott Hogan, their backup
guitarist, and he was walking past as we said hi, and he then went into the
bus. Ashley was walking back and forth from the bus to the venue the whole
time, and she then gave us meet and greets. About and hour later we had to go
to the front doors for meet and greets, and then went to the concert where we
had 8th row seats (which here awesome by the way). That's my "encounter" with
Hanson, I hope you enjoyed.