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Isaac.Hanson >>>

Full.Name:  Clarke.Isaac.Hanson

Birthdate:  November 17, 1980

Instrument: Gutiar

Also.Plays: keyboard/piano

 Facts (as found in Teen Magazine)

If I had to play Twister with a celeb, it would be: John Lennon
If I could trade places with anyone, it would be : Johnny Lang
If I had to eat any food for one month straight, it would be: Pasta with Marinara or Bolognese Sauce
I'd never leave home without: My Wallet
My Favorite boy band is: Meaty Cheesy Boys
The coolest thing I ever bought was: 1966 Cherry Red Gibson ES335
The coolest thing I ever received from a fan was: Shitzu Dog Named Wickit
I'd rather starve than eat: Old Cheese
Favorite hair product: Nada
Nothing stinks more than: B.O.
Fave Friend (Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, Ross, Chandler, Joey) A Tie Between Goofball Chandler, Sweet Rachel, & Innocently Clueless Phoebe
The best show on T.V is: That 70's Show
Favorite cartoon character: Baby Kermit
CD I can't stop spinning: Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions
Favorite work of Art: Anything by Van Gogh
Best fast food item: Taco Bueno
No meal is complete without: Dr. Pepper
Favorite article of clothing: All of it
Favorite Hobby: Graphic Design
If I could go anywhere, I'd go to: Rome