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Lauren's.Story >>>

The following is actually a poem written by a friend of mine.  Her life was saved because HANSON came into it.    They pulled her out of a state of depression few have known, and few have survived.  I would personally like to thank HANSON for creating the music they do, and just for being themselves.  It has rescued us all from a lot of grief.  I'd also like to thank Lauren for her letter.  Here it is:

I would not be here.

I might be dead.

If a powerful song hadn't been played.

The words broke my shell.

The rhythm freed my soul.

I try to say thank you, but the words always fail.

I longed for someone to save me.

I waited to die.

Now I have hope.

Now I long for life.



   Thank you for my new lease on life.  I will never be able to repay you, but again, I say thanks.

- Lauren Selthafner