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^ the new album rocks!

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  • Hi everyone!  I really hope you all had a great holiday and a happy New Year!
  • Hanson's newest video "Save Me" has been released to the Internet.  Check it out at  Read some interesting info about it here, and vote for it on TRL here.
  • November 17 - Happy 20th birthday Isaac!!!
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  • New concert review added
  • New Tour Dates!!!
  • Check it out!  I won my first Hanson site award.  That's so cool.  Many thanks to It's All About Hanson.  Also, I had a great surprise to find out that Hanson is starting their summer tour!  Check out the dates in the tour section.  
  • New Layout!  Again!  hehe...hopefully this one will be a round a little while longer than the last few...let me know if you like it, or don't :)
  • For additions to the site check the page updates link above ^
  • To navigate the site, simply choose a category from your left < and the links will appear at the top ^...any questions? let me know!  Thanks!

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    Listed above is a link to a section of MooH that is devoted to ways we (the fans) can help promote Hanson's new album, and videos, and the band in general.  Hanson have given us so much...don't you think the least we can do is keep them on the top?

The Hanson Hotel has a great campaign going called Heart.  Check it out.  The Banner's down below...

***Also check out the link Help Hanson to find places to vote for Hanson!!! >>


    As you probably already know, is now an ISP.  You can also join it for a fee, without the ISP, and get access to cool stuff...if you are a member, please e-mail me your comments on it.  I just joined, and it's awesome!  If you can deal with the monthly payments, I recommend it.  :)  Thanks.  If you're not a member, check it out by clicking the picture. <<<  

--------- members will be able to try to recieve preferred seating tickets to the 2000 Tour. 


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