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Orlando Concert Reviews >>>

The following concert experience was written by Ashley :

       I really don't think that there is one word to describe Orlando.  A million words come to mind, but, you can't say one without saying another.  It was amazing being in the same building with thousands of other HANSON fans.  But, what was really cool, was that, we (myself and Cindy)  already knew just about everything that was going to happen, but still, it was just as breathtaking as our first concert.  It was a blast watching others react to the first  HANSON concert, because you knew that joy that ran through their bodies with every note hit and sang.  I will be the first to give myself props because I did not cry as bad as I did in Atlanta.  Cindy didn't cry at all.  She was to amazed to do anything but grin ear to ear, dance, clap and of course, do what every HANSON fan does best...scream!!  He-He!!!  Orlando was out-of-this-world!!!!!  HANSON, you guys put on a show like no - other!  God has blessed us with your presence, never-ever forget how loved you are!  HANSON for life!!!