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Please submit any poems you have written, or read, that you would like featured on this page.  You may send them here with 'Poems' as the subject.  Thanks again for your patience and interaction.

The following poems were written by Ashley:

   If you asked me, I would tell you, yes, I am in love. 

No doubt about it, I am luckier than some.

Some go through life, not knowing how I feel.

But, I am not all fortunate, my love is not returned, nor is it real.

He not only does not love me, he does not know I live.

But he feels my love, he must, with all that I give.

I have breathed him only twice.

 His words are poetry, his song does entice.

One day I will see him, one day he will know.

It won't be much longer, Taylor.  I love you so.



In the beginning, to me, they were paper and glass.

Then, on a day when the sun itself sweat

The days of material were in the past.

They moved before me as the owned my soul.

They did.

They locked me in, unbeknownst to them.

My face rained, my body thrashed, my voice was fading.

He promised, but I could see his heart, his eyes, he was straying - from me.

He took from me my soul & heart.

I belonged to them, I hate to say, from the start.

But it's true.

A smile that did not fit his face.

When I saw it, I knew.

I knew that my heart was being broken into three.

They took these pieces as if they were free.

My eyes were being blessed,

My eyes were beholding a beauty too powerful to posses.

Then it was over.


Two months later on the 21st.

On a night cooler than the first.

Once again, they sang.

My body was going through the motions again.

It was different in a way.

But I'd waited forever for his second day.

The day my eyes would be blessed again.

I was more than lucky.

I was in the presence of them.

The joy had was not the same.

I knew my love would never fade.

For these three Angels God had sent.

Still I cry for them, but with love and joy this time is spent.


The following poem was submitted by Dana :


With talent by their sides,

And hope in their hearts,

You knew these three would make a great start.

They had faith in their minds,

But they really weren't sure,

What was now in store.


Before their own eyes,

Fame took over their world,

And so did many fans,

Both loving boys and girls.


And even with this attention with them everywhere

they go,

They still remember their family and important

things in life.

Because these things always last and are most



And this they know.


But we know the talent from them that we

always hear in our ears,


Will always be with us in our hearts for many, many


The following poems were written by Jennifer:


Isaac Hanson is the one.

When the sky is gray, he is my sun.

His posters are all over my wall,

And I dream someday he'll call.

I don't know if we'll ever meet,

Or see each other on the street,

But I'll guarantee you this,

We'll join one day in wedded bliss.



Hanson is a really great band,

They are the best in the land.

They sound so great whenever they play.

And I know I'll meet them someday.

But until that day finally comes,

I'll listen to Tay on the keyboards and Zac on the drums.

And, of course, we can't forget Ike,

Who plays the guitar just the way we like.

They get into their music as much as anyone can.

Boy, what it would be like just to shake their hand



*dividers thanks to HitzFX