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Taylor.Hanson >>>

Full.Name - Jordon.Taylor.Hanson

Birthdate - March 14, 1983

Instrument: keyboards/piano

Also.Plays: drums, tambourine, conga/bongo drums, synthesizers, harmonica

Facts (as found in Teen Magazine)

If I had to play Twister with a celeb, it would be: Marilyn Monroe
If I could trade places with anyone, it would be : The President for a day
If I had to eat any food for one month straight, it would be: Breakfast Bagel, Breakfast Burrito, Pancakes
I'd never leave home without: My Clothes on
My Favorite boy band is: none
The coolest thing I ever bought was: Surfboard
The coolest thing I ever received from a fan was: FoosballTable
I'd rather starve than eat: Old Cheese
Favorite hair product: Natural Grease
Nothing stinks more than: Raw Sewage
Fave Friend (Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, Ross, Chandler, Joey) Joey
The best show on T.V is: The West Wing
Favorite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian
CD I can't stop spinning: Lenny Kravitz 5
Favorite work of Art: Nothin'
Best fast food item: Double-Double at In-N-Out
No meal is complete without: Food
Favorite article of clothing: Grey Leather Jacket
Favorite Hobby: Music
If I could go anywhere, I'd go to: Egypt